How to sell a property

Do you want to sell your property?


If you decide to entrust us with your property for sale, remember this important information we will need:
Notarial deed of ownership, or in a different case, deed of succession, donation etc.
Cadastral plans, necessary and important for the vision of the correspondence with the real situation of the property being sold.
From 1 July 2010 it is mandatory to attach the cadastral plans of the property to the notarial deed of sale, with the declaration, made by the parties, that these plans correspond to the actual state of the property. Penalty the nullity of the deed.
For these reasons the importance of viewing the cadastral plans is of great importance.
If you do not have one, our office will be able to obtain a copy from the Land Registry.
Identity documents and cf. of the owners of the property.
A free appraisal of your property will be carried out by our professional staff, in order to place it, with your consent, in a correct market position.
Photographic documentation will be produced, to give your property the best visibility necessary to find the best interested customer.
Subsequently, the complete card of your property will be translated into English and German to allow the large foreign public to read the characteristics in their mother tongue.
However, you can enter the details of your property below. Don't forget to fill in all fields including the asking price. is a site owned by the Real Estate Agency AG of Andrea Andreotti, the insertion of your data is a free service and you are not subject to any assignment or constraint unless voluntarily decided between the parties.

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